Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work? You Bet It Does!

If you have never heard of green coffee bean extract then you are certainly among the minority these days. Green coffee bean extract has taken America by storm, even winning over the heart of world renowned cardiologist Dr. Mehmet Oz. As we all know, any weight loss supplement Dr. Oz not only raves about, but also encourages his faithful followers to try, must be good. Here is the best part, though. Green coffee bean extract offers so much more than effective weight loss. This amazing dietary supplement can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, improve your mental alertness and detoxify your liver, among other things. So let’s get this show on the road and begin with why green coffee bean extract is so good for you.

Does Green Coffee Work?

Chloregenic Acid: The “Why” Behind the Benefits
Chlorogenic acid is a chemical found in all coffee beans, and is the ingredient containing every single health benefit green coffee bean extract offers. Now if you are one of the few Americans unfamiliar with this supplement, you may be wondering what the difference is between green coffee beans and the traditional. Think of it in terms of bananas. Those that are green are net yet ripe, while the yellow are ready to eat. The green coffee beans are those that have not been roasted, containing higher amounts of chlorogenic acid. Once roasted, the levels drop drastically and there are virtually no health benefits to be had. Let’s move forward and discuss how this supplement improves your life and well-being.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Blood Pressure
Studies performed by Health Care Products Laboratories, Kao Corporation in Tokyo, Japan have proven the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract for lowering blood pressure. Two groups of participants with mild hypertension were involved, some given a placebo, the other given 140 mg per day of chlorogenic acid, the key ingredient in green coffee bean extract. At the end of the study, results showed the group taking the chlorogenic acid experienced a significant reduction in their blood pressure–both systolic and diastolic–while the group taking the placebo remained the same.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Cholesterol
While researchers were studying the efficacy of green coffee bean extract for weight loss, an amazing discovery was made in the process; its ability to lower “bad” cholesterol, while increasing the “good.” It is proven to reduce your cholesterol by 44 percent in just three weeks. There is more, though. Although your doctor includes triglycerides when testing your cholesterol levels, they are actually not a form of this fat, but rather just another type of fat in your bloodstream that can increase your risk of heart disease. Studies found green coffee bean extract reduces these fats by 58 percent in three weeks as well.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Mental Alertness
One of the primary functions of green coffee bean extract is its ability to inhibit the release of glucose into the bloodstream. This regulates your blood sugar, which overtime leads to improved mental alertness. There is more, though. The increase in energy your cells receive, along with the nutrients from the supplement, all contribute to better concentration and focus. You will find yourself remembering things you couldn’t remember before. In fact, studies performed have proven that those taking green bean coffee extract have an increased capacity for learning and an improvement in their reasoning skills.

Green Bean Coffee Extract and Liver Detoxification
Your liver plays a large role in how well your metabolism runs, thus having a major effect on your weight loss efforts. If it is clogged with harmful toxins, it cannot properly function. Green coffee bean extract is like Draino, if you will, forcing your liver to rid itself of these toxins, bad cholesterol and fat. Once your live is detoxified, it runs smoothly and optimally, just as it is meant to.

Green Bean Coffee Extract and Diabetes
Given the fact that the chlorogenic acid stops the release of glucose into your bloodstream, effectively regulating blood sugar levels, it is no wonder you can control diabetes when taking green coffee bean extract. It is proven that diabetics who use this supplement are able to manage this condition without the use of medications. Losing weight is yet another way diabetes is controlled. Obesity is a major contributing factor of diabetes; as you lose weight, you reduce your risk and can eliminate this condition completely.

Green Bean Coffee Extract and Cancer

There are numerous antioxidants in green coffee bean extract, and these are vital when it comes to preventing–and destroying–cancer cells. They neutralize numerous carcinogenic compounds before having the chance to develop into cancer cells. Hundreds of studies prove that green coffee bean extract contains more antioxidants than green tea, one of the most potent drinks on the market.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Aging
The signs of aging are a terrible thing. Wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin steal your self-confidence, replacing it with embarrassment. When you take green coffee bean extract, you will notice a change in all of these things, and this is due to the antioxidants. They demolish the free radicals in your body that set out to destroy your skin and ruin your youthful appearance. The longer you take this supplement, the greater the improvements you will notice. Your damaged cells are replaced with new, vibrant healthy cells. Your collagen and elastin production increases resulting in firmer skin. All of this and weight loss, too? Yes, you can have it all.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Loss
We have finally arrived at the heart of it all–weight loss. Many people want to know if everything they hear is really true. Yes it is, and I have the proof to show you. First of all, here is how it works. The chlorogenic acid prevents the release of glucose from entering your bloodstream. Glucose usually breaks down into sugar, which turns into stored fat. No glucose, no extra fat. While doing this, it also turns your metabolism into a fat-burning machine. So it stops more fat from forming while burning the fat you have.

Now here is the really incredible news. You do not have to change your diet, nor do you need to exercise. You simply need to take the green coffee bean extract and watch the pounds literally float away. In a study conducted by Scranton University, 16 adults took green bean coffee extract for 12 weeks. The participants lost an average of 17 pounds each–10 percent of their overall weight–along with 16 percent body fat. They ate 2,400 calories a day, and did not move any more than necessary. Impressive, eh?

The Great and All-Knowing Dr. Oz
The primary reason for the popularity of green bean coffee extract is the love affair Dr. Oz is having with it. Although impressed by the research and its results, and knowing it is an all-natural product with no negative side effects, Dr. Oz performed a study of his own to prove its effectiveness to the world. He chose two audience members, both women, and asked them to take the green coffee bean extract for five days. Both women ate as they usually would and did not exercise. Upon returning, they each reported an energy boost. Here is the amazing part, though. One woman lost five pounds, the other lost eight. In five days. Dr. Oz is spot on when it comes to supporting the most effective–and safe–weight loss supplements.

There you have it folks, the many benefits of green coffee bean extract. If the studies cited throughout do not prove its efficacy to you, then let Dr. Oz’s personal research do all the talking. Do not do yourself, or your health, a grave injustice and ignore it all.